PMMA Rigid Intraocular Lenses : Brand ENVISION    

• Our PMMA ( Poly Metha Methyl Acrylate ) lenses are manufactured using the finest and the most reliable PMMA material, which ensures excellent&proven biocompatibility and    post-operative results.

• Every PMMA IOL in addition to machine manufacturing processes, undergoes a human Quality Checks at various stages of production. Each of these stages are well recorded for their   consistency & absolute traceability.

• Manufactured in temperature controlled Class-10000 facility

• Fully equipped Clean Room consists of high magnification microscopes, Pilot Target Test equipment, Laminar Flows to ensure Class-100 working environment.

• Fully automated sealing protocols under clean room conditions.

• Every IOL is uniquely identified by a Lens Serial Number for traceability to raw materials & production stages.

• Sterilized in validated modern SCADA controlled ETO Sterilizers.

• Every PMMA IOL batch is tested for various tests including Bio-burden, Sterility, Pouch Strength, Stability, Bio-compatibility etc.

• Available in all major models including Anterior Chamber IOLs.

• Can be custom made in your required sizes / specifications.

• Brands available : Envision and 3D


• Also available under Private-Labels or as OEM supplies.

• The PMMA IOLs are CE Certified.

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