PrecisionCut Ophthalmic Cannula , Reusable  

• These are specialized cannula that are needed during various ophthalmic surgeries.

• Individually Packed. Supplied Un-Sterile.

• Manufactured from Medical Grade SS-304.

• Each cannula goes through a detailed Quality Check to ensure that the cannula needle is smooth and the tips are ultra smooth.

• The needle is cheked for any blockages to ensure that it will allow a free flow of liquid during its operation.

• This ensures peace of mind for the surgeon during surgery.

• Various options like :
     i. Hydrodissectors
     ii. Cystotomes
     iii. Visco Cannula
     iv. Anterior Chamber Cannula
     v. Simcoe Cannula with Silicon Tubing
     vi. Retrobulbar Cannula
     vii. Peribulbar cannula
     viii. Many more
     ix. View our complete  

Hydrodissectors     Cystotomes     Visco Cannula     Anterior Chamber Cannula     Simcoe Cannula with Silicon Tubing     Retrobulbar Cannula     Peribulbar cannula     Many more

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